Coffee & Espresso

House Blend or Decaf


12oz. 2.00
16oz. 2.30


Single Cup: 2.00
Bottomless: 4.00 

Our Coffee & Italian Espresso are roasted Locally, Fair Trade & Organic! 

Choose Your Milk: 

Snowville Creamery Half n Half, Whole Milk & Skim

Make it Vegan:

Soy Milk, Coconut or Almond Milk Add $1

Whipped Cream Add $1 


Espresso, Latte, au Lait, Mocha, Cappuccino & More... 


Italian Espresso (Double, Triple etc…)
Single 2.00 Double 3.00
Add 1.00 per extra shot 

Con Panna
Espresso & whipped cream
Single 3.00 Double 4.00

Espresso brewed through a layer of organic sugar
Single 2.50 Double 3.50

Espresso with a dollop of steamed milk
Single 2.50 Double 3.50

Americano (Long Draw)
Espresso brewed through the same shot several times.
Short: 2.95 Tall: 3.95

Try an Americano Cubano!
Short: 3.50 Tall: 4.50

Red Eye (Coffee & Espresso)
Short: 4.00 Tall 4.30

Black Eye (Coffee & Two Shots of Espresso)
Short: 5.00 Tall: 6.00

Espresso and steamed half n half
12oz. 4.00 16oz. 4.95

Mocha Espresso
Double espresso, organic chocolate, steamed milk & whipped cream.
16oz. 6.95

Mexican Mocha
Our café mocha with cinnamon and cayenne!
12oz $4.75 16oz. $5.00 

American Macchiato
Espresso, steamed milk and caramel syrup
12oz. 4.25 16oz. 4.95

Café au Lait
Steamed milk and your choice of coffee
12oz. 3.75 16oz. 4.25

Café Latte
Espresso and steamed milk
12oz. 3.75 16oz. 4.25

Espresso and steamed milk topped with cinnamon
8oz. 3.00

Double espresso, dry foam
8oz. 4.00

Café Mocha
Organic hot chocolate and espresso
12oz. 4.25 16oz. 4.95

Mocha Joe
Organic hot chocolate and your choice of coffee
12oz. 4.25 16oz. 4.95

Chai Latte
Chai tea and steamed milk
12oz. 4.25 16oz. 4.95

Dirty Chai Latte
Chai latte with espresso
12oz. 5.25 1 6oz. 5.95

Hot Chocolate
Steamed milk, organic chocolate, whipped cream
12oz. 3.75 16oz. 4.75

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Our latte with white chocolate and pumpkin spice syrup!
12oz. $4.75 16oz. $5.25